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PS – did you know, we’ve released our first products into pre-sales already? Check out the Smart Inclining Bed, which can improve your sleep, and possibly also help you Get to Sleep Easy knowing your elderly or unwell family or friends are safe below (more information below the demo video!).

There’s a good chance these cool inventions can change your, or a loved ones’ life! for more information!

As you can see, the Smart Inclining Bed could revolutionise healthcare, while helping you Get To Sleep Easy too!

Our Smart Bed, which converts any bed into a hospital bed alternative for a tenth of the price!), may help you get better sleep – especially useful if you have conditions which make sleep hard to get lying flat (like reflux, back pain, heart failure and chronic lung diseases) – or just make Netflixing in bed easier on your back,  is launching soon (we’re talking 6 – 9 months from being able to deliver). It could also lift people who need a bit of assistance – like elderly, disabled or ill people – up, like a hospital bed! This may reduce rates of falls, and improve wellbeing of patients, but at the very least – it will make life easy!

One of our first testers having her neck supported by our Sleep Pro Premium model! Notice the air powered neck support behind her neck, giving her extra lift behind her neck, which will probably do heaps to reduce her risk of developing back and neck pain – something that’s becoming more and more prevalent due to how poorly we position ourselves at work and in bed

And the Sleep Pro unit utilises a model of our health brand and wellness app (Centered Around You)’s Smart Sensor System to monitor your movement, breathing, and heart rates for only a few hundred dollars more! This could do things like wake you up in light phases of sleep, when you’re refreshed most, and even mould your mattress to your back with our premium mattress offering, which could help people with conditions like back pain, or those who want to work or play on their devices in bed, do so in the most ergonomic fashion!

A sneak peek into Centered Around You’s app and technology, including (bottom picture), real time pictures of our sensors in action!

And the Smart Inclining Bed’s Home Health model (which you can upgrade to when this releases for just a few hundred dollars if you pre-order now!) may well keep your loved ones home safe too! Centered Around You (our health brand’s) mission is to bridge the gap between home and healthcare, as well as to strengthen EVERYONE up with Evidence-Based wellness advice. Our revolutionary sensors are being tested by some of Australia, and the world’s, best nursing homes and hospitals in the next few months, and is backed by, and designed with advice from the literature, and world-leading doctors in research institutes. Machine learning powers the back  end, and we work with leading research institutes around the world to develop this to ensure we’re the most reliable wellness and health brand on the market!

It may be able to reduce risk, and send alerts, of emergencies like falls, pressure sore development – even if someone’s stopped breathing! Find out more at and!