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Movement is the final frontier of sleep monitoring. 

Our patented tech brings the price to monitor micromovements during sleep to hundreds rather than thousands. 

During REM, quite deep sleep, your body is completely paralysed. Your body and brain recovers from the day’s tolls. Waking up in this phase of sleep likely impedes these processes.
During N3 deep sleep, your body does move slightly – quite often. Waking up here results in you having a TERRIBLE day. 

BheemSense Lite tracks movement, heart and breath rates, accurately, AND contact free. It only feels like a yoga mat underneath you. And it tracks sleep better than Fitbits – and does something even Gold Standard sleep lab studies can’t, in monitoring micromovements, effectively. 

Add it to your technology stack, and don’t miss out on our huge 50% discount – only available to Kickstarter purchasers. Help us out – all proceeds are invested into manufacturing, and then medical research. A full medical device version of these sensors will be developed for hospitals and nursing homes, where they will detect falls and bed sores and save lives. You can help and reserve a huge discount  by clicking here

Check out some pictures of it in action below! All of this connects to our app which learns your sleep patterns over time, with machine learning, and provides sleep inputs back to you actively. 

Bheem Sense lite

Winner, Australian Student Startup of the Year - Startcon

Winner, NSW Student Startup of the Year

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