Get to Sleep Easy is a social enterprise thinking BIG about global health

We’re creating the first ever Adjustable Wedge Pillow and a comprehensively designed Hospital Bed-frame. Our aim is to diminish the burden of preventable disease collectively encumbering hospitals worldwide – costing nations millions of lives and billions of dollars. All our profits will be donated to philanthropic causes – so they can make their way to where they’re needed most.

Join our cause today to create pattern-breaking change in global healthcare.

What Nikhil Did To Beat Cancer.

He adopted a mindset that we believe can help anyone overcome any challenge in life.

Including you.

We saw some huge problems

Currently, over 800million with lung conditions ranging from asthma, to heart diseaese and cystic fibrosis find it hard to get to sleep at night lying flat.

Plus,  many unnecessary complications of hospital stays cause hospitals huge grief.

  • Pneumonias kill 950,000 children a year, are the biggest cause of hospitalisation (outside of pregnancy) and cost the US over $40billion a year!

  • Falls seriously injure nearly 1/10 over 65 year olds in hospital and cost my state of 6million people over half a billion per year!

  • Deep vein clots affect 17% of patients who stay a while in hospital, cost $23 Billion to the US alone, and will kill 15% of patients who have them dislodge INSTANTLY.

  • And pressure sores not only last years at times and cause conditions as serious as sepsis, they also cost $129,000 per patient to treat

Get To Sleep Easy

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