Welcome to our affiliate program! If you help sell our products, you can take a cut of 10% of the profits made! 20% if you nominate a charity of your choice, by emailing us their name, with the subject titled “Backing a charity!” to handsup@gettosleepeasy.org! Do email us if you join this program regardless, so we can track who you are and shout you out when our #GiveMeAWedgie campaign launches! By law, you do have to let people know it’s a paid promotion if you’re doing it for yourself (but what many in the industry do is just say “it helps you and it helps me.”).

Also, send us a message us at handsup@gettosleepeasy.org with your name and follower count and we’ll give you some of our hilarious shirts to wear, or send you a wedge pillow (just pay shipping) to show your fans! Otherwise, feel free to hold up signs with the #GiveMeAWedgie hashtag (we can send you a template if you’d like)!

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Check out our explainer video here! And feel free to buy some merch, items that will help YOU Get To Sleep Easy, or donate at www.gettosleepeasy.org/shop

And check out our founder’s story, as well as some media hype we’ve gotten already for this!
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Bonuses are calculated as double the amount you raise for the bonus amount. For more information, check out the terms and conditions.