The BheemSense Lite System. Also launching on Kickstarter!

You may have heard that we’re launching the BheemUP Smart Bed Incliner on Kickstarter.

What makes it really smart though? The BheemSense system!

There’s one thing missing from sleep trackers right now. Accurate Movement mapping.

Hell – even HOSPITAL ICUs – where people get bed sores that last years at rates as high as 20%, don’t have an option to do this.

When talking to sleep labs, and intensive care units around the world, we realised that there’s no system which monitors your whole body’s movement patterns. No affordable one that is. To do this, you need to buy a sensor mat that costs $6000! Not even hospital ICUs can afford this!

To map your whole body’s movement, and pick up breath and heart rates, you used to need thousands of point sensors. That is until now.

Introducing BheemSense – the most accurate bed sensor on the market, that also happens to be more affordable too!

We use a combination of our own propriety stretch fabric, high quality sensors, outer covering, and algorithms to map your movement, breath rates and heart rates more accurately, and affordably than ever before!

Movement in particular has been impossible to monitor. But it’s the most vital aspect of sleep monitoring.

During deep REM sleep, your muscles are completely paralyzed. During other phases, you have different levels of muscle movement.
Waking up during REM sleep will reduce how much restorative, healthy sleep you get.
Waking up during N3 sleep ensures you’ll have a terrible day. The mental fogginess you get when you wake up sometimes, is because you’ve been woken up in N3 sleep. You’ll find you’ll perform less than your best if you’re woken up in N3 sleep in particular.

Our sensors’ ability to measure movement, accurately, and contact free, will allow for the most accurate sleep phase monitoring, ever. It will be able to do things like set Smart Alarms – which only wake you in light sleep!
It also measures heart and breath rates, contact free, and accurately too. Because of this new parameter in sleep monitoring, it’s revolutionary.

BheemSense Lite in action
A sneak peak into the raw data that powers BheemSense. This was taken on someone who’d just been thrashing around in bed as a test – hence the high respiratory rate.

Plus – BheemSense Lite also monitors vitals and provides updates on overall health status, contact free too! Perfect during COVID-19 or for elderly loved ones, or those who just enjoy tracking these things (like us)!

Our partners at Montefiore, one of the most prestigious high care nursing homes in Australia, and researchers from Neura, Australia’s largest government funded neurological research initiative, have guided us in product development, ensuring it’s the most reliable sleep and vital monitoring equipment on the market.

Its neoprene fitted cover ensures it’s water, and sweat proof. It sits on top of your mattress, and is virtually unnoticeable.

BheemSense Lite is a 12″ (30cm) wide version of this mat that matches your body shape, which we’re launching alongside the BheemUP Smart Bed Incliner.

BheemSense Lite measures your heart and respiratory rate, and also tracks your movement. It can sit beneath, or on top of your mattress, and also pairs with your work devices, and smart room equipment, like Smart Lights.
With the power of AI, it will record these readings, and provide evidence based, data backed feedback on your sleep, and posture – if you work or read or use devices in bed. After we get approval, this may send alerts for falls, bed sores and other events too.

We know that in these matters, accuracy is important. Where competitors boast of 70-80% accuracy, we know that waking up 1/4 days on the wrong side of the bed isn’t good enough!
BheemSense Lite will learn from your sleep habits, and wake you up in light phases of sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed. It will also pair with smart lights, the BheemUP Smart Bed Incliner, which further improves your posture when working/Netflixing in bed and, in the future, a range of other devices, to further enhance your Room!

It is launching alongside our BheemUP Smart Bed Incliner on Kickstarter soon! Purchasers of this can upgrade to the full BheemSense mat when it comes out and only pay the difference – you get to keep the BheemSense Lite unit for free – so make sure you sign up to our email list by clicking here , so you don’t miss out on a huge Day 1 Discount of 50% off! That’s $350 off!

And you can win a free device by signing up here and sharing with friends and family too!

100% of profits goes back towards making our manufacturing process more efficient, and towards clinically trialing the Medical Device version of the BheemSense, which will not only enable things like remote bed sore and fall tracking in hospitals – but also in the home too.

Check out a screenshot of our app here too!

As you can see, it not only does novel things like wake you in light sleep only, it also connects to smart lights too!

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