How We Give Back,

At Get To Sleep Easy, we’re not only creating lifesaving products, we’re also a social enterprise! Meaning that 100% of profits that we generate as a business will be reinvested, and put towards ensuring that everyone who needs our affordable, falls preventing hospital bed alternative, gets one. We also plan to fund impactful medical research, and developing world nations too.


Our lower income relief program:

At Get To Sleep Easy, we believe in the fundamental ideal that every man is equal. That everyone who needs something should get it. The problems we’re solving affect the vulnerable, elderly, and poor disproportionately. So a fundamental part of our giving back program involves delivering free, or at-cost products to those who need them, but who may not be able to afford them.

More details, including an eligibility form, will be released later, as we start to manufacture, but to get involved, and keep in touch – and even become a beta tester – make sure you sign up to our email list here!

Powering Research

Our app, Centered Around You, which powers our Smart Inclining Bed, connects users to a range of affordable health monitoring devices, will provide YOU with the latest, evidence, and data based health advice, and keep vulnerable people (the disabled, elderly and vulnerable) safe at home.

Data collected (only with your consent) is anonymized and processed with machine learning and AI, and will be used to power medical research!  In particular, our founder, an ex cancer patient, medical student and medical researcher, is passionate about providing evidence based wellness and motivational advice, something which is hard to find and hard to fund.


Engineering Partners

In addition to the above, we’re also developing a version of that life-saving hospital bed, which not  combats the 4 most burdensome, often unnecessary complications of hospital stays, and can be manufactured cheaply, and close to source.

We have several interns from Engineers Without Borders, and are engaging in conducting research, with EWB students as well. Academy XI has assisted in developing our app. We’re exploring relationships with the Noor Family Trust and other organisations in the developing world to expand this. And you can follow along in our progress in this on our social media channels!

The charities we support:

In addition to the above, we also directly give in the way of financial contributions, to effective charities as well. Our founder is an effective altruist and has taken the Giving What We Can pledge to not only dedicate at least 10% of his income to charity, but to give it to the most effective charities in the world, based on evidence and research. Though it may seem difficult, 10% is really not much to give, and makes minimal impact on living standards, while improving happiness drastically. And though it seems cumbersome to have to figure out which charities do the best work, features the best of the best charities, based on dollars per life saved/changed.

Get To Sleep Easy is proud to dedicate a portion of profits made to the top GiveWell rated charities, in 3 years time when we know we’ll be profitable.

Do follow our Facebook page, and ask us to join our exclusive Facebook group if you’re interested in making your voice heard, and to advocate for your favourite charity now!

The research we back:

Finally, we also intend to power, and back life-saving medical research. Firstly, our central app, will not only provide practicing healthcare workers with real-time patient updates, but also assist researchers through efficient data collection. We’re working with some big names, and with organisations like XI-Academy to build something that lasts.

In addition to this, we have a focus on looking into curative, life changing cancer research and on NCD (non-communicable disease) prevention in the developed AND developing world. Our giving back, as well as our products’ direction, is guided by our Scientific Advisory Board – A who’s who of leading public health, rehabilitation and geriatric medicine doctors, nurses and health professionals!