Our Mission is to make life SAFER, EASIER and more FUN, or at least more BEARABLE for people in their most vulnerable moments.


And as a social enterprise, Get to Sleep Easy distributes earnings from the sale of its products to charities, medical research and other philanthropic causes – rather than our own back pockets. This means that we are creating a continual income source that keeps on doing good.

In fact, we are aiming for 100% of our profits to be redistributed to worthy causes!

Most charities require peoples’ generosity to keep operating. Us? We are disrupting an enormous market with innovative, cost-effective products that will improve millions of lives, save billions of dollars in healthcare expenditure, and generate revenue.

Our founder – an ex-cancer patient, medical student and researcher, and successful entrepreneur – believes that we can broaden our contribution through our social enterprise models. He wants to share this message to the world, and has BIG plans on how to get it done.


But right now, we need your help – to kick-start our business, to foster growth, and to finance testing to have our products optimal for use – we need donations. We consider any help we receive from you a highly impactful charitable investment.

Check out our products and get yourself something that’ll help YOU Get To Sleep Easy, and help us make this vision a reality!