Cancer Patient creating lifesaving medical devices wins TedXSydney/St George Bank’s Kickstart Pitch Competition!

2 weeks ago, our founder, 25 year old ex cancer patient, cancer researcher and medical student, Nikhil Autar, beat over 1000 applicants to take down St George Bank’s $40,000 Kickstart Pitch Competition finals at TedXSydney.

In front of a crowded theatre, he pitched his potentially life-saving startup, Get to Sleep Easy, creating affordable hospital bed alternatives, to an audience of thousands, in just one minute.

“Getting down your whole mission, and purpose as a business is difficult to do in an elevator pitch, yet alone talk about the stats that show the impact we can make as an organization” says Nikhil, who founded his company, creating lifesaving medical devices last year, after losing 2 friends to preventable illnesses within 1 week. “I’m still in a bit of shock, and am so gladdened by this opportunity.


Their winning pitch. Check out the full video by clicking here!

Get to Sleep Easy’s Smart Inclining Bed will convert any bed into a hospital bed alternative for hundreds, rather than thousands of dollars, and also map users’ movements, breathing patterns and heart rates, sending alerts if someone’s fallen, is developing a pressure sore, or even if they’ve stopped breathing.

“These problems take tens of thousands of lives per year, and cost us billions each. Between 30-70% of the elderly population fall every year, pressure sores can be found in over ¼ nursing home residents who present to ED, and hospital beds’ lifting features can reduce time spent suffering from pneumonia by 35%.” Says the medical student. “We want to bridge the gap between home and healthcare and keep Australia’s most vulnerable safe.”

But their Sleep Pro Bed Enhancer unit also caters to the wider market. It comfortably lift users up, potentially helping millions with conditions ranging from reflux, heart failure, and chronic respiratory illnesses, get better sleep via inclined bed therapy. Smart sensors, and their machine learning powered app, Centered Around You, will monitor your sleep patterns, providing personalized advice, and, via their sensors, will even be able to wake you up in light phases of sleep more accurately than anything else on the market. And a combination of sensors and their revolutionary Air Cushion system will mould to users’ bodies, which may reduce severity and risk of lower back, and neck pain, allowing ordinary users to rest, play or work in bed comfortably, and safely too.


Their app is designed by nurses and caretakers, for nurses and caretakers.

“This $40,000, we’ll hopefully double with the assistance of government grants to allow us to test with nursing home partners and beta testers. It will help us out hugely.”

The exciting new startup, incubated in the University of New South Wale’s Founders in Residence Program, has also taken down NSW and Australian Student Startup of the Year, has received funding from the NSW Government and is commencing pre-sales in anticipation for launch in early 2020.

You can find out more at Watch his winning pitch, and find out more about their product on their YouTube channel too! High resolution images available on request.


Nikhil Collecting his prize with General Manager of Business Banking, Stuart Zalunardo

Products in action.


The Smart Inclining Bed uses Centered Around You’s (the parent company of brand Get to Sleep Easy) patented technology to map user movements, and alert nurses or caretakers of emergencies before they occur!

Their Sleep Pro Unit, complete with fold out desk for your devices (or food!) assists health populations Get to Sleep Easy too! for their latest demonstration video!

For further information, and high quality pictures, please email Marketing and PR officer, at info [at]

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