The Smart Bed Incliner

A device which converts any bed into a hospital bed, but for 1/10th of the price??? And one which moulds to your body to maximise sleep, and possibly minimise back and neck pain?

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This revolutionary product will change your (or your loved ones’) life forever!

The BheemUP Smart Inclining Bed sits on top of your bed and performs the same functions as a hospital bed, for less than a tenth of the price. It may help make life safer and easier for our most vulnerable populations, but could also help you sleep, or relax in bed, without breaking your back!

Always wanted a hospital bed but didn’t want to spend thousands on getting one, or love your bed too much to throw it away? Check out our Kickstarter where you can get the Smart Inclining Bed for just $349, today!

In the future, you can upgrade this with our Smart Sensor Technology (currently being tested). This is the first, non invasive sensor matt of its kind that can map your whole body’s movement patterns, breathing and heart rate. Combined with our machine learning powered app – Centered Around You – this will provide evidence based sleep advice, and, in the future, will send alerts to nurses, caretakers and doctors when someone’s fallen, is developing pressure sores or has stopped breathing!

Our Smart Bed Incliner:


  • 1050x900mm inclining bed with optional, premium medical grade foam mattress overlay.
  • Strapsafe system to ensure proper positioning
  • 2 custom fitted elastic, non-slip cotton sheets (also works with regular sheets).
  • Centered Around You voice recognition processing unit.

Simply strap it on your bed frame, or put it above your current mattress, and away you go!

We’re testing with some of Australia’s most trusted nursing homes! Our device lifts users to 90 degrees, something current hospital beds don’t, which may reduce chances of choking for people at risk (for e.g. stroke survivors).

The Sleep Pro Bed Enhancer:

  • The Smart Inclining Bed with more!
  • The BheemSense Smart Mat monitors sleep habits, and breathing patterns, waking you up in light phases of sleep more accurately than ever before!
  • Connects to our app – Centered Around You – and other devices (outlined below) which can do things like mould its mattress to fit your body shape!

Extra ergonomic lift behind your neck that lines up to your screen lets you Netflix without increasing risk of back and neck pain.

Optional extras:

  • Fold out, adjustable tray table.
  • Heavy duty, adjustable bed rail.
  • Our Comfort Plus custom Medical Mattress, made with premium medical grade foam, and covered with memory foam, designed to maximise comfort and support to offer the best night sleep possible.
  • Egyptian cotton sheets (2 pack)

Additional features – Coming Soon!

Air inflation combined with our Smart Sensor System moulds perfectly to your body shape, providing optimal support to maximise comfort, and likely minimizing pain in users with back pain.
In the future, this will be used to move vulnerable people at higher risk of pressure sores. This feature is currently in development.

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All profits from our business is reinvested into developing more life-changing devices, and ultimately, our aim is to fund and power medical research, and to bridge the gap between home and healthcare with our revolutionary medical devices and apps at Centered Around You. You can find out more about our giving back ethos here – including our mission to power medical research, and to help provide developing world NGOs and hospitals with life-saving, affordable hospital bed alternatives.


Weight 10 kg
Sleep Pro Bed Enhancer

With Body Mould Air-Contour System (9-12months expected delivery), On Its Own (6-9 months)

Bed Rails?

Regular, Adjustable, None

Extra sheets?

Custom fitted sheets (2 included), Extra Custom sheets (2pack), Custom Egyptian cotton blend (2pack)

Premium Comfort Plus Medical Grade/Memory Foam Mattress

Yes, No