People affected by Unnecessary Complications Of Hospital Stays

Here, we share the stories of people who’ve been affected by complications our hospital bed mitigates. or reduces. Things like deep vein clots, pneumonias, pressure sores and falls, which can cause extended stays in hospital, unnecessary suffering, and even, death!

Jarrod E.

“One of the hardest things for me when I was diagnosed with cancer was being treated at the Royal Children Hospital in Brisbane away from my family and friends,”

“One of the biggest things I hated when having treatment apart from the obvious of being really sick and being hooked up to machines, was the hospital pillows as they were really uncomfortable. So, whenever I had to stay in hospital for treatment such as Chemotherapy or surgery, I would also take my own pillow in my favourite blue pillow case.

One of the many side effects from Chemotherapy is that the Chemotherapy not only kills the cancerous cells, but also kills all your good healthy cells such as your white blood cells in your immune system. Therefore, this makes it really easy for you to get infections and during my treatment time of 8 months and even after I had finished treatment, I had to be really careful to try and avoid going out in public areas. Luckily, I never got any major infections, but I know other kids who were having treatment who had.”

Most cancer patients will know another patient who’s gone through traumatic experiences due to infections. As  many as 70{f5116e8d5e4f43bd9ac21af0a8211d63107bb50d26df2dbd8a0422d994fce72b} of patients who undergo chemotherapy will face a potentially life-threatening infection.  

When I was having treatment, my aunty bought a poster with a quote on it which read “Every day may not be good… but there’s something good in everyday” by Alice Morse Earle and I’ve tried to live my life like that ever since. I believe that my cancer journey completely changed me for the better and I have now just finished a Master’s in Sports Science and I am working at Griffith University. If you told me that I could achieve that ten or even five years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you.”

As a sports scientist, with deep understanding of human physiology and anatomy, Jarrod understands the benefits of sitting up during hospital. He remembers his doctors advising him to sit up as much as he could, to avoid this potentially fatal complication. This was tough, especially after surgery where he was most at risk. But he was able to on most occasions, And in this way, he was lucky.

Here’s someone who wasn’t so fortunate.


“Si was a good child. He hadn’t done anything wrong to anyone, and was a studious, kind-hearted young man. He was diagnosed with aggressive leukaemia, and had to undergo numerous chemotherapies, as well as a dangerous bone marrow transplant, during his course of treatment.

He’d almost made it all the way when we were told the bad news. He had contracted influenza A during flu season, which had spread to his lungs. Unfortunately, antibiotics couldn’t help, and just a few days before his discharge, he developed ventilator assisted pneumonia and passed in the night peacefully. He was only 22.”

Ventilator assisted pnuemonia is a common cause of death in Intensive Care Units, occurring in 10 – 65{f5116e8d5e4f43bd9ac21af0a8211d63107bb50d26df2dbd8a0422d994fce72b} of patients in ICUs.
Picture from Virginia Medical School. The right side should be clear.


“A few weeks before she passed, Mum fell down in hospital, breaking her hips. When combined with the severe dementia she had, it not only contributed to her death, but made her suffering that much worse too.”

These are but some of many examples of how hospitals can go horribly wrong. But we have something that can make this right.

Check out the life-saving hospital bed we’re developing, as well as the Adjustable Wedge Pillow, which will perform the same lifting function of hospital beds, in a home/carers’ environment. Feel free to read further into how this will do this here.

“I think is a very noble, and necessary venture.”

“I think it is an awesome solution to very recurrent problems in hospital/ ill at home.”

She has been to hospital so many times over the last few years, all for different reasons, and for long periods of time, that she hates hospitals. I don’t think she’d want a hospital-looking bed at home.” “That adjusting pillow sounds like a great solution though!”